Business Areas

Historical background

Due to the devastating state in which our agricultural exploitation was found, the recovering process was arduous and demanding like in any other start-up. It required a great deal of commitment and dedication from all partners to ensure the complete functioning of all agricultural services.
This initial attitude is the hallmark of our agricultural exploitation because there is no service we cannot do, from giving hay bale to cows, to farming all night and day, attaching horseshoes, drawing blood, vaccinating, labelling and building boxes, etc.
Since children, we were taught to work on the land and alongside our associates by setting the example.
Currently, Torre do Frade is divided in 4 large business areas: Wine production, Livestock, Forest and Agriculture.


The project of the Torre do Frade vineyard was developed after the beginning of the Millenium, specifically in 2000. The administration decided to buy 13.8 ha (34.1 acres) of vine to be planted nearby the village of Santo Aleixo, in the direction of Orada/Borba. In 2004, the first house wine is created – Torre do Frade 2004.
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With an exploitation in the center of High Alentejo, we manage an area of 200 ha (494 acres) of alentejan land, after having planted more than 200 ha in 1997 that will produce for the first time in 2057. Long-term investment? Very long-term?? Or loving the land? Learn More »

Cereal Production

Cereal production is the core of our integrated exploitation. Over the last years, we have invested a lot in transforming rainfed lands into irrigated areas, so that we can become more competitive and less “St-Peter’s-dependants”.
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We produce cattle of pure alentejan breed, traded in partnership with Carnalentejana, a company in which we are shareholders since its foundation in 1992.
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