The Company

100% Family Business

This is a wholly owned family business, whose connection to the property is undeniably linked to the family’s background.

Our team

Nowadays, this agricultural exploitation is managed by three branches of the family, including a set of rustic buildings known as Torre do Frade, Torre do Curvo, Pereiras and Serra de Aires. Learn More»

It is an extension of approximately 3000 hectares (7413 acres), exploring the following business areas:


Cattle. Learn More»


Production of wheat, oats, barley, sunflower, corn, grapes and wine. Maintenance and planting of oak and holm-oak (cork) forests. Learn More»

Management philosophy

Partnership and team work » Decision making » High quality products (original and certified) » Distinction
• Cattle » Founding partners of Carnalentejana S.A.»
• Cereals » Partnership with Cerealis Group» and Insular Group»

Our Mission

The group of agricultural societies runned by the family enables the promotion and sustainability of the rural world of Alentejo by maximizing the potential of our own forests, agriculture, breeding and turism. Thus, we act on a global scale by creating niche products with added value and setting our activity on group performance, namely business associations.

Our Vision

To become a self-sustaining business that provides the market with first-rate niche products, in order to achieve a central role in the socioeconomic development of our region, specifically in the District of Monforte.

Primary Values

Our primary values derive from the very essence of our family and character while farm managers and genuine Alentejans.


This is a belief ensured in every interaction with partners and clients. This moral standard is reflected on our politics and methods, carried out with maximum care and professionalism. Our whole performance is based on a humble ethical conduct in which the aim is a sustainable development of the organization, partners, nature and the community.


Our history dates back to the 12th century, when the estate was donated to the hermits of Santo Agostinho by its landlord, Vicente Martins Curvo, in 1380. As such, tradition is a hallmark of our family dedication to the agricultural world and the subsequent sustainability of our estate and region. Our ambition is to extend this ancient tradition, by creating excellent products and establishing them as a distinctive trademark.


Despite our tradition, we believe that creativity brings development and leads to the innovation of methods and products. This is the motivation behind our business variety, settled upon last generation mechanisms. To achieve this goal, we invest on the constant training of employees and on the benchmarking for a high level sustainability.


As motto for a sustainable development, our business society not only praises the land but also its employees, suppliers, clients and community. One of our biggest concerns is the preservation of the environment and in this sense our Company operates in a system called, Integrated Production, which basically is a system that forces us to follow certain practices and consume, when necessary, environmentally friendly chemicals. We believe that respect is the basis for longlasting and healthy relationships and therefore act accordingly.


This is our main purpose, since the clients are the generators of the whole project in this area and without whom there is no sustainability. Thus, our customer service is paramount to engage in healthy partnering. The product is the first link to the client, based upon our own conduct and quality assurance, though the service is key to the client’s final decision making. Our organization values this critical success factor and that is why we guide our professional behaviour according to these values: Integrity, Tradition, Innovation, Respect and Partnership.