The Estate

An old story

The Estate of Torre do Frade is located at the district of Portalegre in the High Alentejo, municipality of Monforte, parish of Santo Aleixo – a magical place marked by the passing of time. This Estate was a convent from 1384 to 1834 and then bought by our ancestors in 1839. Each step and each stone represents a secret of times.
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The occupation

The Agriculture Society of Torre do Frade explores an area with approximately 3,000 ha of land. Our family bought part of the current land in 1839, always passing on from father to son and increasing the exploration area.
The only setback of this family project happened in October 1975, at the “cost” of the Land reform, having the land vacated in April 1980. When we retook possession of the rustic buildings, there was nothing left but a damaged tractor and some agricultural implements destined for the junkyard.

The repossession

After the repossession, the property was divided in land lots and sorted out by the five children. Initially, four of these children continued to explore the land together and running it through the creation of several agriculture societies. A few years afterwards, one of the sisters leaves the group that continues with three elements only. And so, the current management comprises three of the family branches, namely:

1. Bagulho Albino
Maria Luísa Cortes Bagulho Albino* married to Fernando Manuel Carpinteiro Albino»
2. Bagulho
Francisco Cortes Bagulho»* married to Maria João Rosa Bagulho
3. Bagulho Vasconcelos
Maria Teresa Cortes Bagulho de S. e Noronha Vasconcelos»* married to Carlos Eugénio de Sant’ana e Noronha Vasconcelos»