Our New Brand – VIRGO

The VIRGO label occupies almost the entire bottle. It is all black with exemplifying drawings of potential tasting moments lived by all of us. The main area is all white with the exception of the name VIRGO, the bottle number and the house logo, which is Torre do Frade. This main white area is easily detachable and it should be taken out vertically from the right to the left side. When the label is detached, you can stick it to the card hanging on the bottle’s neck. Once it is completed and the wine is drank, you can start writing, drawing or painting the label as you wish, leaving your own imprint at the flavour of the moment.

If you want to go even further, you can take a picture, go to www.virgo.pt/en/participate, upload the image and wait for other people’s comments. Who knows if your inspirational moment can win a prize?

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