Wine Stars World Prowein 2013

The VIRGO Wine from Torre do Frade Estate was considered one of the most innovatives wines in the whole world.

This competition took place in the Prowein Germany in March 2013 –

In this contest the wines are evaluated by professional buyers and they base their oppinion evaluating five variables : Price Strategy, Wine Qualty, Marketing Plan, Business Plan and Packaging. The objective for us producers is to obtain the attention and start busines oriented conversations with this judges that are top wine buyers, for us this goal was completly fulfieled onde that every single judge loved the VIRGO Wine concept and seven out from eight want to talk with us to start doing business. Another relevant fact is that in the Top Ten three were from Portugal, one from Alentejo (us) and two from Douro. Congratulations to us and to Portugal also!!!

Big Cheers and keep on tasting your life!!


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