Making Of VIRGOwine white 2013 label

We use the creational power of our clients to build the VIRGOwine labels, the so called, Crowdsource. Yes, we challenge our consumers to share with us their VIRGO Moments by taking a picture to their VIRGO red dettachable label and with that material we create the new labels each new harvest.You just need to drink a bottle of VIRGO red, dettach the label, Draw the moment, Capture the moment and Sahre the moment with us. We run contests every three months to find the best 3 out of a short list of 10 labels and besides this pontual contests, in the end of the year we send the bulk of the images that we receive to the agency that works with us. The guys over there choose details from several labels and then they edit the new labels with moments created and lived by this consumers. Each participant receives a bottle of the harvest that was printed with her or his moment.

A BIG thanks to all that have participated in this adventure and if you haven’t, try to do it next time you drink a VIRGOwine. But above all, enjoy tasting your life.

Watch here the VIRGOwine White 2013 Label Making Of – Click «HERE»

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